Student’s Work – Sem 9

Title : Changing the social landscape – The case of Bombay’s Gymkhanas 

Faculty Team: Vrinda Gokhale, Altaf pasha, Daksh Jain

This studio focuses on the dialectics between designed and lived space arguing that spontaneity is an overlooked yet fundamental human characteristic that is revealed in the formation of physical environment. For this, the main research question is stated as “How can we analyze the dialectics between designed and lived spaces through situating spontaneity within urbanism?” This is believed to give urban studies a way to address the knowledge gap between the everyday life and spatial design through the interpretation of spontaneity. 

Objectives :

1. To prove how public realm is formed through everyday life of people and how it can be translated into current urban scenario 

2. To evaluate the relationship of the urban spatial configurations to the experiences and understandings of everyday public spaces 

3. To seek an understanding of the different ways in which people evaluate understand, appropriate and use every day public spaces

4. To architecturally demonstrate how these places could be redeveloped through the lens of micro urbanism to associate it with city public places 

5. To offer design guidelines and spatial arrangements in the master-planned neighborhoods to allow for spontaneity in public realm 

6. The studio aims to identify physical settings and understand the following interrelationships of spontaneity formed in the planned environments and establish their importance in the built fabric.The premeditated decisions of urban plans and architectural designs are in a continuous transformation due to the everyday expectancies and needs of users. People mostly intervene in their built environment in differing scales and temporalities which simultaneously transform a designed space and making it closer to a lived space.  Therefore, the emergent user spaces and social practices that occur throughout the everyday life dynamics beyond the expectations of an urban plan are significant to develop a human-centered viewpoint for urban planning and architectural design studies. 

 SITE: Gymkhanas at Marine Lines