Social Outreach

Unnat Maharashtra Abhiyan

This module is as per the Government Resolution and envisions under NEP2020. It aims to establish an independent and robust knowledge infrastructure across the state of Maharashtra. The vision of UMA is to foster socio-economic and cultural development by leveraging the potential of institutions of higher education.

Access to Learning Institutions: UMA aims to facilitate access to institutions of learning for citizens, elected representatives, and state agencies. These institutions will serve as hubs for topical research, feasibility studies, evaluation, assessment, and innovative design. By providing access to these resources, UMA seeks to empower stakeholders to address pressing socio-economic challenges effectively.

Interdisciplinary Stakeholder-Driven Research: The program will encourage students, supported by faculty members, to engage in interdisciplinary research on real-world problems as part of their academic curriculum. This approach will expose students to governance and development issues, fostering a deeper understanding of the complexities involved. By collaborating with stakeholders and communities, students will gain practical insights into solutions, measurements, and outcomes, contributing to tangible societal impact.

As part of UMA activities assessment of various parameters have been done such as transportation, Housing and recreational plaza in Mumbra region.

Social & life skill Course Implementation Cell for Rizvi College of Architecture is as follows:

ChairpersonProf. Meera Malegaonkar, Principal
Member SecretaryMrs. Swati Palekar, Programme coordinator
MembersAsso. Prof. Ejaz Kashmiri, HOD of D.Arch
MembersSona Gandhi, Science and Humanities In charge
MembersAltaf Pasha , Workshop Superintendent