Short Term Courses

Rizvi College of Architecture introduced Short term courses for the students of architecture and urban design across the city. The following courses were conducted in the academic year 2022-23:

1. Research Writing by Dr. Sheema Fatema
Researcher, Post-Doctoral Fellow at University College London-TISS, Mumbai

The short term course looked forward to introducing the students to the process of scientific writing. This course helped the attendees to navigate through their idea of research and to establish a framework to conduct the research. It included the basics of research writing like how to frame research questions and streamline them to generate specific aim and objectives. The series focused on the aspects like how to conduct literature review, developing methodology and formulating research programs.

2. Set Design by Sharvari Kotkar
Architect, Urban Conservationist, Art director, Artist

Set Design is an offshoot branch of architecture and design that involves creation and decoration of sets under production for visual media and theaters. During the eight week course, the course deciphered the process of designing and curating a set based on the given brief. It involved the study of the character, their behavioral pattern and the context in which they are situated. It also brought in the aspect of temporal construction and reuse of materials into other forms of design.