Student’s work – Sem 7

Title: Mix-use Urban Housing

 Faculty Team: Himanshu Upadhyay, Dilshad Tayabji., Zainul Bivji., Kartiki Arnodekar, and Samir Baghdadi

The housing in Navi-Mumbai has to shelter a fast-growing population. In the last decade, it had grown at a rate of 4.8% as compared to 1.6% in Mumbai. That is a result of improved connectivity and work opportunities. Navi-Mumbai requires housing a population that includes residents, floating, and locals. At a community level, building social connections between them is a challenge. At a family and individual level, an apartment form is to meet present needs. And its affordability requires a suitable economic model with a cost-effective design.

The land is in the Juinagar Node of Navi-Mumbai, which sits within industrial land use. Now it plans to house multi-facility development on an area covering 68.3 acres. From this, a segment of 10 acres for mix-use housing is a proposal to design and meet an academic purpose.

The site touches National Highway 348-A. That is a spur route connecting JNPT and Palm Beach Road. To its west and southwest are residential areas. To its north, east, and south are industrial areas. Also, numerous educational developments surround it within a 10km radius.