Student’s Work – Sem 5

Title: Bassein Collective: A multi-dimensional commercial community in the heart of Vasai

Faculty Team: Jigar Patel, Sailee Gosavi, Uzma Khan, Triveni Sarda, Stuti Borwankar & Sheela Bhole 

Aim: The studio this semester is intended to introduce students to complexities in urban processes and how a commercial space is situated to test collective notions of the urban.

Pedagogical intent: 
The given batch of students have previously embarked upon working with scales of smaller communities and documentation techniques,  the studio this semester aims to critically examine a built program at the scale within an urban context. It deals with the idea of commercial architecture and space making. The studio will aim at understanding complexity of an urban area and work in fragmenting layers of the urban fabric and space making in response through consistent volumetric studies and imbibing the context into the built environment. The study will focus on making students aware of spaces that modify with time and adapt to the context. 

Site: Parvati theatre, Vasai