Photography Club

Photography critically examines objects and subjects and how they are connected and constituted in the context. It is often gritty. It is not always aesthetic and can be abstract because it is an interdisciplinary field of visual practice, which is not only about the visual representation of an idea or capturing the ultimate decisive moment. but it is a commentary on contemporary life in reference to culture, society, class, and economy. The chaos of the city is dynamic. Always in constant change, adaptation, and evolution. Different people, cultures, technology, and traditions combine to reproduce the city and its places daily. And there is a lack of research, documentation, and art that represents urban life and derives new perspectives for it, in the form of truth. The truth keeps on changing hence Photography is critical rather than consumable which has a deeper meaning.

Aim of the club
To develop a habit to observe and feel the surroundings, to be able to develop a sensitive approach towards diverse urban contexts.

– Develop narrative-building skills through image making
– Develop an understanding of creating a frame
– Develop an understanding of foreground, background, and Middle ground
– Develop knowledge of a Camera and its limitations

Faculty in charge:
1. Ankita Hattangadi
2. Triveni Sarda