The M. Arch course is spread over a period of two years and is divided into 4 semesters.

The First Semester undertakes the foundation subjects which introduce students coming from different backgrounds to a world of urbanism and urban design. Techniques of Mapping, Representation and Urban terminologies are taught during this year along with sociological perspective that forms the crux of urban design as a program. 

The Second Semester usually expects students to implement their mapping skills into more nuanced urban neighborhoods and territories through multiple lenses. The idea is to create an understanding of various networks and systems that are embedded in urban fabric. The spatial narrative is based on social, cultural, economic, ecological and morphological systems present at a site. 

The Third Semester imparts an advanced level of technical knowledge of planning at macro to micro level, finances and policy mechanisms. It is combined with critical urban theorization and critique of philosophy, ideologies, urban theories and practices. The research becomes an integral part of the semester and lays the foundation for the thesis in next semester. 

Finally the Fourth Semester allows students to research on a topic of their interest which culminates into an urban design thesis.

Syllabus and Grading Manual: Click here