Heritage Club

The Heritage Club in our college serves as a vibrant hub where students come together to celebrate and preserve the rich tapestry of our shared history, culture, and identities. Like custodians of little mosaic tiles, the club passionately engages in activities that highlight both tangible and intangible aspects of our heritage. Through events, workshops, and heritage site visits, the club fosters a deep appreciation for our roots, contributing to a sense of social cohesion and cultural identity among students. The club’s endeavors serve as a powerful reminder of the importance of preserving and passing on the collective legacy that shapes our community, creating a lasting impact on both present and future generations.
The Heritage Club aims to establish a dynamic forum for insightful discussions on Architecture, Heritage Conservation, and related fields. Through hands-on workshops, the club provides practical exposure, fostering skill development. Additionally, it seeks to sensitize its members to the importance of Culture and Heritage, promoting a deeper understanding and appreciation within the academic community.

Faculty in charge
1. Malini Rajalakshmi
2. Daksh Jain
3. Hanisha Chothani

Sr.No.Plan of ActionMode of ActionOutcomes
1.Creating a forum for discussions regarding the practices in the field of Architecture, Heritage Conservation and allied domainsHeritage & Identity: Narratives of Heritage Revitalization by Adil Dholakia – 24-03-2023The narratives of heritage communities, as well as their tangible and intangible components, are potential development domains within the
historic diaphragm. The discussion asserted the need to restore authenticity with associational values and integrity
Guest Lecture by Swapnil Bhole – 15-04-2023Swapnil Bhole delivered a lecture on Kath-kuni style of architecture; prevalent in the rural areas of Himachal Pradesh. He along with the students of M. Arch documented the Gondla fort in Himachal Pradesh; a testament to the Kath-Kuni architecture.
2.Practical exposure
through hands on
Introduction to Q-GIS as a tool to map a historic urban area and analyze a large data set – Daksh Jain 10 week exercise
Date of commencement –
The final year students (Semester 10) of B. Arch and students of Semester 1, 2 & 3, M. Arch (Urban Design) studied Q-GIS as an elective on Urban Analytics. They mapped the public clocks in Mumbai and analyzed their character and did conditional mapping and assessment using the software.
3.Sensitizing towards Culture & HeritageVictorian-Gothic & Art Deco ensembles of Mumbai by Esa Shaikh – 06-11-2022 (3rd year)
Tales of Bandra – Exploring Ranwar village by Daksh Jain – 24-06 2022 (4th year)
Kothachiwadi & D.N. road precinct by Daksh Jain – 20-07-2022 (4th year) Walking in Kalbadevi & Bhuleshwar By Daksh Jain & Hanisha Chothani – 17-08-2022 (4th year)
Several heritage walks were conducted for the students to make them aware about local culture, communities and their associated heritage in various parts of Mumbai. An elective in Heritage Conservation was conducted for the students of Semester 7 and 10.