Green Club

Nature teaches us survival of the fittest and nourishes us in all aspects. Nature has endowed us with incredible assets like, biodiversity and natural resources. The conservation of these assets has become need of the time. It’s our responsibility to leave this planet in better shape for the future generation than we found it.
1. The focus of Nature’s club is to increase the awareness and understanding of nature
among the faculty and students.
2. To create the awareness towards the conservation of nature, and sustainable living

1. To sensitize, motivate and educate students and staff about environment conservation
2. To create awareness among society about environment and related issues. Organizing activities to reduce pollution in the city.
3. Encouraging efforts to protect and conserve biodiversity.
4. Executing small scale projects within the campus.
5. Contributing in environment awareness and conservation drives in collaboration with regional nature clubs and institutes.

Faculty in charge: – Vivek Kodoor and Stuti Kalamdani Borwanker