Sharvari is an accomplished architect with a diverse range of experiences and interests. She holds a degree in Architecture from Pune University and pursued her post-graduation in Urban Conservation from KRVIA, Mumbai. Currently, she serves as the Chief Architect at Open Ground Studios, where she leads the design team. Her studio specializes in SRA (Slum Rehabilitation Authority) and MHADA (Maharashtra Housing and Area Development Authority) Redevelopment Projects in the city.

While Sharvari’s professional focus lies in architecture and urban conservation, she also has a keen interest in studying the daily rituals that form the urban networks of a city. She believes that by making changes at the grassroots level, significant transformations can be achieved within the larger urban system. Her research revolves around ‘body in space and time, place-making, and everyday urbanism’.

As an educator, she emphasizes the importance of micro-level learning and observation. She believes that meaningful learning occurs throughout the day, stemming from even the smallest experiences. She guides her students to register these observations, as she believes they eventually contribute to macro-level understanding. Her teaching pedagogy revolves around developing logical thinking skills and a deep understanding of architecture and urban design. Her approach emphasizes micro-level learning, experiential education, active student engagement, and the integration of art and architecture. By fostering critical thinking, observation, and creativity, she equips her students with the tools to become thoughtful architects who can contribute meaningfully to the built environment.

Outside of her architectural pursuits, she is a passionate artist who specializes in painting portraits. Drawing from her experience in the Hindi Film Industry, particularly in the field of art and set design, she conducts set design workshops in various architecture colleges. This allows her to combine her artistic talents with her architectural knowledge and share her expertise with aspiring architects.

Overall, her multidimensional background, encompassing architecture, urban conservation, research, education, and art, contributes to her holistic approach to design and her desire to effect meaningful change in urban spaces.