Sailee Gosavi Dalal

Designation: Architect & Landscape Designer



Sailee Gosavi Dalal is an accomplished professional in the field of architecture and landscape design. Her educational background includes a Bachelor’s degree from Rizvi College of Architecture and a Master’s degree in landscape design from the prestigious University of Sheffield, UK.

Currently, Sailee serves as a dedicated faculty member at Rizvi College of Architecture, where she imparts her expertise to aspiring students. Additionally, she is an integral part of Grassroots Research and Consultancy, where she contributes as a researcher and expert consultant on various landscape, urban design, and environmental planning projects. With her freelance experience, Sailee has successfully undertaken landscape projects for residential complexes, commercial spaces, resorts, and recreational centers in Thane, Mumbai, and Telangana. She has also collaborated with landscape artists in designing innovative landscape intervention products and furniture for gardens, exhibitions, and award functions.

Sailee’s passion extends beyond her professional endeavors. She actively engages with Grassroots Research and Foundation, participating in ecological workshops that focus on generating social and environmental awareness, as well as rural community development projects. Notable examples include “Watershed Management in Rural Areas of Wada” and “Eco-tourism Training in Villages of Matheran.”

As a teacher, Sailee believes that teaching methodologies should be more fun and interactive which not only develop skills for academic understanding but generate an ideology that a student carries throughout his life. She guides students in subjects like Landscape Design, Architectural Design, Building Services, Building Construction, Environmental Studies, and Architectural Representation and Detailing. Her design philosophy revolves around creating cohesive, seamless, and sustainable landscape spaces that enhance the existing ecology. Sailee’s approach incorporates native plants, local materials, and a deep understanding of a place’s history and background, seamlessly blending the interior and exterior with holistic design strategies.

Sailee is also active in the realm of research and academic paper writing. Her published works in landscape and urban design include topics such as “Urban Green Street Retrofits,” stemming from her postgraduate studies in the UK, and “Re-visioning Biological Corridors in Urban Context,” which involved her contributions to the design of an urban green manual for MMRDA. Notably, she received the “Best Paper Award” for her paper titled “TEERTH’ Kshetra: Transforming and Enhancing Ecological, Religious, Tourist, and Historic Kshetra (Precinct) of Indrayani Riverfront” at the International Conference with the theme “Blurred Boundaries: In Search of an Identity” held at Brick College of Architecture Pune.

Sailee Gosavi Dalal is an outstanding professional with a deep commitment to her craft, bringing together her expertise, teaching abilities, and research contributions to create meaningful impact in the field of architecture and landscape design.