Experience: 9 Years


As an architect and urban designer, Probuddha’s journey has been defined by an unwavering passion for the built environment and a relentless drive for positive impact. A graduate of Rizvi College of Architecture with Masters in Urban Design from KRVIA, Mumbai, Probuddha comes with 9 years of experience in the field of design. He has witnessed first-hand how design can transform communities and enhance the quality of life. This realization has ignited a deep motivation within him to continuously develop his skills and knowledge.

In his career so far, he has had the privilege of working with prestigious international design firms, collaborating with industry professionals to bring innovative ideas for large scale urban projects to fruition. These collaborative experiences have emphasized the significance of effective communication, interdisciplinary collaboration, and holistic thinking in successfully creating architectural solutions that cater to diverse communities and stakeholders.

In addition to his work within design firms, Probuddha has embarked on entrepreneurial ventures through his practice where he has assumed leadership roles in the execution of interior projects on one hand and of stage production for classical concerts on the other hand. In these positions, he has fostered a creative environment, empowering his team to challenge conventional trends. He considers his works to express unique perspectives about the urban experience.

As a young educator, he finds great fulfillment in sharing his experiences and knowledge with design students. Through mentoring and guidance, his aim is to inspire the next generation of designers to recognize the immense potential of design as a catalyst for positive change. He firmly believes that by nurturing the thinking processes of emerging talents, we can collectively create a more equitable and sustainable future for our cities.

Teaching Methods :

Probuddha approaches qualitative methods as the starting point for discussions as he develops teaching plans. He strongly believes in learning from networks and underlying narratives to inform about potential futures – a methodology extensively used to guide communicative frameworks. Being an avid graphics maniac himself, he is critical about methods of representation and presentation, as he believes that determines interpretations and approaches. Probuddha, since joining RCA in 2019, has been conducting discussions for design studios, urban design methodologies, research methods, representation and detailing, and professional practice, to name a few for the Bachelors’ and Masters’ curricula. He takes keen interest in documentation and has demonstrated the same through measured documentation trips and students works in his elective on documentary filmmaking.

Probuddha has previously also conducted research fellowship to study open spaces in the wards of Mumbai bringing about a collaboration with an NGO- Project Mumbai and the school. He has also conducted documentation exercises along with his co-faculty to prepare award winning entries.