Mohd Altaf Pasha


Experience: 10 years


Ar. Sheela Bhole is architect graduated ( B. Arch.) in 1985/86 from Rachana sansad’s, Academy of Architecture, Mumbai. Thus she is in this profession for more than 35 years, has seen the progress of architectural profession from nondigitised to digitized expression.

In the initial days post-graduation, she was employed with various architects where with the firm Ar. Shivaji Patil and Asssociates she progressed from being junior architect to associate in span of 2.5 years, where her team constituted of junior and senior architects, her motto being, being essential to the firm, she is capable to lead one and all.

Since 1990, she is involved in her firm at Vasai, Creaarch associates, with her husband and firm partner where she was/is involved in civil and interior design projects which has led her to achieve good practical knowledge.

She joined Rizvi college of architecture, in 2011, and she is associated with till date, she wishes to be associated to the college and be an asset to this college.

During her year as associate, she was involved in residential and commercial project at new Mumbai (Vashi), and participated in competitions as representing the firm. At her firm in Vasai (a western suburb at Mumbai), various civil projects of residential buildings, bungalows, college building at Vasai (G. G. College) and interior projects for residences, hospital, coaching classes, clinics have been undertaken by her. The firm at Vasai employs 5 nos of assistants along with 3 architects and is in close viscinity of Vasai station.

At the college she has been assisting in being involved in subjects assigned to her technical and design. She has been class incharge for many years and at present looks after examinations and related work at the college.

Pedagogical Approach

Though being from old school way of learning in architecture, she has been open to and opts for the fresher approach where young minds should be trained to think and train themselves to think logically and apply in their understanding of the subject. Reaching analysis through various approaches like surveys, site visits, case studies and READING is what she thinks will develop the young mind.

The new generation architect needs to be ready, willing and able to approach his subject with all the above analytical approach. Student should be encouraged to participate to achieve total understanding of issues of built and environment, performing in self and group/teams should be encouraged. One as a teacher should use multiple methods and thus evolve learning. Through such methods/approach.The disparity in learning and practice should be a concern and a situation to be evolved for a present student and future practitioner is her take on the learning process.


Since I take more technical and theory subject me along with the team have major focus on innovative method of learning for the the subject.

This includes

Communication skills : Convey ideas and information through the use of written language. Through debates and presentation.

Collaboration : Working with group of students or in pair .

Site visits and market study : to understand or examine the market associated with a particular product or service

Critical thinking : Disciplined process of actively and skillfully conceptualizing, applying, analyzing the idea.

book/article/paper reading: comprehensive reading to achieve the ability to read text, process it and understand its meaning