Experience: 8 Years


Jigar is a passionate academician and skilled architect with eight years of professional experience. In addition to his architectural practice, he has dedicated more than four years to teaching, nurturing a deep love for the process of learning and experimentation. Jigar finds immense inspiration in the presence of students, which encourages him to approach his craft with utmost seriousness and discipline.
An avid traveler, Jigar ventures into remote areas to explore diverse ways of life. By studying the morphology of different communities and documenting their unique skills, he actively collects a wide range of knowledge systems. Through the lens of photography, Jigar captures the essence of his journey, facilitating his writing and enabling the development of new perspectives and interpretations.
At the heart of Jigar’s work lies the intersection of space and culture. He passionately engages in documenting indigenous peoples and their rich heritage, often advocating for their voices to be heard. Jigar’s design practice prioritizes sustainability and values a deep understanding of regional aesthetics and culture. By experimenting with traditional methods, they strive to achieve contemporary solutions that respect and harmonize with the regional dynamics of space.
Jigar and his team engage in hands-on experimentation with different materials and objects, believing in the transformative power of working with their own hands. They also collaborate with local artisans, leveraging their expertise to enhance their projects. As a small practice, they embrace humility and consider each collaboration as an opportunity for immense learning, enriching their knowledge system

Teaching Methodology:

Jigar holds a strong conviction that bridging the gap between academia and the architectural profession should not overshadow the significance of innovation. In his view, while it is an important relationship, it should not come at the cost of limiting experimentation and stifling the potential for groundbreaking ideas. Jigar firmly believes that academia has historically elevated the architectural practice, and it can persist by fostering an environment that supports students to venture into experimentation and exploration. With a belief in the transformative power of students as change makers, He strives to instill in his students a profound belief in their ability to innovate. To achieve this, he provides them with an unrestricted environment, where questioning conventional design methods is actively encouraged. Jigar seeks to unlock the potential within each student, allowing them to push boundaries and discover their own distinct design language. Which ultimately helps them create their own identity