Exam committee

Exam committee focuses on conducting the examinations and making policy decisions in regard to organizing and holding examinations, improving the system of examinations, appointing the paper setters, examiners, moderators and also prepare the schedule of dates of holding examinations and declaration of the results. The committee shall also oversee and regulate the conduct of examinations in the institution. It deals with all the matters in relation to examinations and shall hear the complaints received pertaining to any matter arising out of conduct of examinations and decide the course of action.

The new members for the committee for the present academic year 2023-24 are appointed on June 01,2023. The composition of the committee is as follows:

Name DesignationEmail id
Prof Meera Malegaonkar
Prof. Ejaz Kashmiri
(Vice Principal)
Prof. Sheela Bhole
(Asst. Professor)
Prof. Reeza shaikh
(Asst. Professor)
Prof. Shabbir Shakir
(Asso. Professor)