Electoral Club

Rizvi College of Architecture (RCA) is committed to promote the electoral literacy among students and staff of Rizvi college of Architecture. For the purpose, RCA has successfully set up an Electoral Literacy Club (ELC) within the college.

  • A core committee has been formed, comprising a faculty advisor, a president of student’s council, and representatives from various classes of the college.
  • ELC includes members of students’ council, the students’ council is elected by and represents the
  • Interested students from diverse backgrounds have been invited to become members
    of the ELC.
  • A constitution or a set of guidelines has been drafted, outlining the objectives, roles, responsibilities, and functioning of the ELC. With the formulation of ELC, Rizvi College of Architecture has created a platform for students to learn about electoral processes, engage with democratic values and actively participate in the democratic process.
    Following steps to ensure the functionality and representation of the ELC:
  1. Appointment of students’ coordinator: The college has appointed a dedicated student coordinator who is responsible for managing the day to-day activities of the ELC, liaising between students, faculty members, and external organizations, and ensuring smooth operations.
  2. Appointment of coordinating faculty members: Coordinating faculty members have been appointed to oversee the functioning of the ELC, provide guidance and support to students, and maintain communication with college administration and external partners.
  3. Representative character of the ELC: ELC includes representatives from various classes from different backgrounds, genders, and social groups. ELC prioritizes inclusion of female and trans students as members ensuring that the club fosters an environment of diversity and inclusiveness. ELC also includes members of the students’ council which itself is elected by and represents the students.
  4. Functionality of the ELC: The ELC has been functional from its inception and it is assigned with the responsibility of spreading electoral literacy among students. ELC is actively organizing events and activities, such as Voter registration drives and awareness campaigns spreading electoral literacy among students, workshops, lectures, and discussions on electoral processes, democratic values, the importance of voting etc. Innovative programmes and initiatives undertaken by the ELCs
    These includes voluntary contribution by the students in electoral processes-participation in voter registration of students and communities where they come from, assisting district election administration in conduct of poll, voter awareness campaigns, promotion of ethical voting, enhancing participation of the under privileged sections of society especially transgender, commercial sex workers, disabled persons, senior citizens, etc.
    Promoting electoral literacy is essential for ensuring informed participation in a democratic system. Rizvi College of Architecture takes up various innovative programs to educate students on the importance of elections and their role in shaping the country’s future.
    ELC set up by RCA undertakes programmes and initiatives as follows:
  • Voter registration drives for eligible students and staff members within the college.
  • Voter awareness campaigns and promoting ethical voting.
  • Encouraging students of all the genders to actively participate in ELC, especially female students and
    trans persons.
  • Community Outreach programme for enhancing participation of underprivileged sections of society,
    such as transgender individuals, disabled persons, and senior citizens etc.
  • Information materials, such as pamphlets, posters, and videos to distribute it to raise awareness about the importance of voting and the process of registering as a voter.
  • Collaborating with district election administration for smooth conduct of polls.
  • Programmes on electoral literacy like Interactive Exhibitions, Electoral Literacy Workshops, Guest
    Lectures, Documentary Screenings etc.

    Monitoring and evaluation: ELC has set the framework to assess the impact of the ELC’s activities on
    students’ understanding of electoral processes and their participation in democratic activities. The ELC documents its activities and achievements.

Any socially relevant projects/initiatives taken by College in electoral related issues especially research projects, surveys, awareness drives, creating content, publications highlighting their contribution to advancing democratic values and participation in electoral processes, etc.
The composition of the Electoral literacy club is as follows:

Name Designation
Prof Shabbir Shakir
(Associate Professor)
Faculty Advisor
Mr. Asif Ali (President student council)
Ms. Mahek Lasne(Secretary- student council)
Abdul RazakClass Representative
Manekia MunazzahClass Representative
Paridhi JainClass Representative
Saad AnsariClass Representative
Batul LokhandwalaClass Representative
Sharvari ThakurClass Representative

Programme created
DATE – 07/12/2023, Thursday
DESIGNANTION OF THE EXPERT: Activist, Centre for Promoting Democracy, TISS
A special voter registration drive was organized on 7th December, 2023, Thursday to promote electoral literacy amongst the students of Rizvi college of Architecture, Mumbai. Sitaram Sehlar, an activist and expert form Centre for Promoting Democracy, TISS, Mumbai organized the drive and the event was coordinated by Asst. Professor Daksh Jain.