The B. Arch course is spread over a period of five years and is divided into 10 semesters.

The First year takes care of foundation subjects which introduce students coming from different backgrounds to a world of design. Design thinking is developed during this year along with graphical skills that form the core language of architecture. Different types of skills like free hand sketching, model making and hand drafting are honed. The students are expected to conceptualize and experiment with different materials and to visualize and imagine various architectural and abstract conditions.

The Second year usually expects students to implement their basic design skills into more realistic spaces and understanding of spatial aspects is developed where students also document some rural habitats and vernacular practices involved in our country even today. 

The Third year imparts an advanced level of technical knowledge combined with design thinking and philosophy that expects students to work on large scale commercial or institutional projects in an urban environment. 

Serious issues of affordable and sustainable housing are tackled in Fourth year along with advanced technical subjects like building services and construction. Students venture out towards the second half of the year to intern with professionals in the industry and get an insight on the practice that exists. 

The Fifth year requires students to research on a topic of their interest which culminates into an architectural design thesis. Along with that, the students are exposed to advance structural systems, methods of constructions and technologies like Q-GIS, BIM amongst others.

Syllabus and Grading Manual: Click here