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Conference Brief

Architecture is a medium recording humanity through the ages just like language or arts. As famously quoted by Marshal McLuhan “Medium is the message”, i.e. the idea of architecture itself and not just the content it carries is an important topic of discourse. However. architecture is as much the collective experience to the people who use it. In today’s era of internet-based reactionary criticism, the buildings pleasing to the eyes may get instant recognition. Nevertheless, architecture is more than a series of photographic images. Architecture is shaped out of the needs of the people. Architecture is about the good, humanist, contextually sensitive design that works for people. In Giorgio Bianchi’s words, the message of the architecture should be “Uno Spazio per la Gente” i.e. “this space is for people”.

What kind of buildings do people need today? Who and how are the people using the buildings and spaces? How can people collaborate in the process of building and how can we understand and appreciate the self-built architecture by people? What is the relation between architecture and people? Whether the relationship is equitable and inclusive? When the people’s lives are influenced by socio-political, economic, environmental and temporal phenomena & events around, can the architectural discourse be aloof from people and the events that matter to the people?

Though these questions are simple and linear, answers are not so precise and are way too complex. Rizvi college of architecture has an ongoing enquiry about the architecture-people relationship and its various dimensions. To provide the platform to invite the discourse on the relationship of the built environment to people and to the public realm, Rizvi College of Architecture (RCA) is announcing first APIC 2020, Architecture & People International Conference.

The Inaugural APIC 2020 intends to enquire about the relationship of the built environment to people and to the public realm. Proceedings of the two-day format will include keynote speeches, lectures by experts, panel discussions, paper & poster presentations by researchers, exhibitions of students’ work and a design competition for students.

Dates: Tuesday & Wednesday, February 24, 25 & 26 2020;

Venue: Auditorium, ground floor. Rizvi College of Architecture, Bandra (W), Mumbai, India

  • Students INR 1000
  • Academicians INR 2000
  • Professionals INR 5000

*Registration fees includes the tea (morning session and evening session) & lunch during the conference